How To Prepare For An Appraisal

The following suggestions will help you prepare for an appraisal, and in the process may save you money, and will help the appraiser provide you with a more accurate assessment of your personal property.

Decide which items you want to have appraised.

Get out all items to be appraised. If there are items in the attics, closets, or garage, make sure they are accessible. Do not wait until the appraiser arrives to start digging in the attic.

Unpack and unwrap any items in drawers, boxes, trunks, etc.

Group similar items together and put sets of dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. together.

If you have receipts, sales slips, photographs, or old appraisals - put them with the appropriate items.

If possible, have large pieces of furniture pulled away from the wall for easy inspection.

If this is an estate appraisal and if there is a will, make sure that all the items specifically bequeathed are available for inspection.


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