F.A.Q.s About Estate Sales

1. What is an estate sale?
An estate sale is the sale of personal property-furniture, china, antiques, books, pictures, and all household items. We also include the sale of automobiles.

2. How many items must I sell to be helped by your firm?
Sometimes we can put two small estates together or even one item can be sold on consignment.

3. How much does it cost?
Our fee is a percentage. Several factors aid in determining actual percentage including amount of preparation needed, type of items to be sold, etc.

4. Who determines the price?
The TEAM led by Ms. Rose. There may be occasions when you have an idea of what you want for particular items. We try to honor that request and ask you for a lower price from which we can negotiate. If we can sell your item at the orginal price, we will do so, but if gives us room to get the highest amount for your items that we can. In an estate sale, we price all items. We also encourage bids and with your permission sell the items on a bid basis. Since our fee is based on the total sale, it is to our advantage to sell your items at the highest possible price.

5. How is my property left after the sale?
All items are removed and the house is broom clean. Real estate agents often request our service because we help prepare the house for sale. Agents also like estate sales because more people will see the house during the estate sale than at any other time that the house is for sale. Often the house is sold during the sale! If an item does not sell, we offer several options for your consideration.

6. Do you offer other services?
We offer many senior services for those who are downsizing. We can help you pack those things you want to keep, we may arrange for the move, we are able to help you unpack. We do all the little things of moving - ie. post office, telephone, drugstore, newspaper, and even set the alarm clock for you.

7. What do these extra services cost?
Some of them are included in the sale, others are on an hourly charge depending on the number of person hours taken.

8. How and when do I receive my money from the sale?
You receive your money in 45 days after the sale by certified or business check.

9. What are your qualifications?
Our team consists of a certified personal property appraiser, a bookkeeper, antique dealers, scholars, artists, sales specialists, and designers.


Headquartered in Asheville, NC, we serve businesses, professionals, and the general public in Western NC, Upstate SC, and Eastern Tennessee.