The following is a checklist of the services you can expect to receive from Bonnie Rose Appraisal Services "TEAM Estate Sales" when an estate/tag sale is called for.

Walk through, Scheduling and Agreement: Before any sale can be conducted, a walk through is required, a sales date must be decided, and a "Sales Agreement" must be signed. During the walk through items which are to be included in the sale will be identified.

Fees: There are no up-front costs involved. The TEAM Estate Sales works on a percentage of the total sales.

Lead Time: Estate Sales require advance preparation time that is unique to that sale. It is important to have enough lead time for advertising and publicity.

Sales Preparation: The TEAM will bring tables, tablecloths, locking display cabinets, shelving units, wrapping paper and sacks. Most items are priced individually, but occasionally there are prices by the "box lot" or "each item per...". Should your estate include exceptional or rare items, The TEAM Estate Sales will research the market place to determine where your items will achieve the highest yield. The TEAM is known for creating a visually beautiful, safe, and comfortable environment, making for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Advertising: The TEAM will create a sales page on our website, place newspaper advertising ads, send out mailers to our "snail mail" customers, and send an email announcement of your sale to our email subscribers. If the sale is small there may be shared advertising costs as specified in the Sales Agreement. During the sale, professional signs are posted that attract and direct customers to the sale.

Conducting the Sale: The TEAM has a core group of individuals available to set up, price, and/or work the sale on the sale dates, whichever the situation requires. Arriving at prices requires thoughtful and careful examination, research, location, quantity, quality and knowing the market. Reduced prices may be offered on the second, and sometimes third, days of the sale. There are no presales offered. Throughout the sale we may take bids on particular items from interested customers. If the item has not been sold by late in the day of the last sale day, we will contact the bidder and offer to sell the item to them at the bid price. Arrangements are made for supervision of pickup or deliver for large items. Broom cleaning of any area of the house used for the sale is included.

Disposal of items that are left: The items remaining after a sale are generally garage sale items, or items that have little or no desirability. The owner has the option to:

a) Dispose or retain those items on their own.

b) Donate the items to charity.

c) Arrange prior to the sale for The TEAM Estate Sales to dispose of the itmes or arrange for a buyout of all remaining contents or suggest various options to clear the house.

Sale of Real Estate: We are not Real Estate Brokers. However, many homes have sold because of our sales. Interested buyers can look at the home while they are there. It is a good idea to enlist a Real Estate Broker prior to the sale and have plenty of flyers regarding the house available during the sale.

Reference: We have an extensive list of satisfied customers. If you would like to have a reference, we will be happy to provide you with that information.


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